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Clunes Booktown

27 February 2018

Along with author talks, panel discussions and literary luncheons, festival-goers can discover the largest collection of rare, out-of-print and collectable books in Australia.

The Clunes Booktown Festival is all about celebrating books and the great conversations and big ideas that come from them. The Festival is turning the stereotype of rural towns on its head: from slow, dusty and dry to a hub of ideas and the arts.

People could be excused for not knowing about Clunes, as it is only a small country town with a population of just over 2,000. However Booktown has been putting Clunes on the map since its inception in 2007, as a way to bring people together and celebrate all things in relation to literature. Run by local volunteers, the festival was initially created as a market day for rare and unique books. Now celebrating it’s12th anniversary it has evolved into the Booktown we love and appreciate today.

Visit heritage buildings, listen to live music, watch street performers, take a horse and cart ride, try their hand in a scrabble tournament.